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AGRO 2014

The 26th International Exhibition-Fair AGRO 2014, the largest and the most important Ukrainian trade fair for agriculture, was held from June 4 to 7 on the territory of the of the National Complex "ExpoCenter of Ukraine" in Kiev.

The exhibition was opened by the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Ihor Shvaika who called AGRO 2014 really a unigue event.

In the framework of AGRO-2014 the Ukrainian Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Ihor Shvaika met with Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Estonia Ivari Padar. The interlocutors discussed exchange of experience in modernization of enterprises in compliance with the EU requirements as well as food industry, livestock breeding, fisheries and information technologies. At the conference „New opportunities and challenges for trade in agricultural products between Ukraine and the EU“ Padar presented Estonian experience.

The 11th session of Georgian-Ukrainian joint working group in the agro industrial sector was held during the AGRO 2014. Deputy Minsiter of Agriculture Otar Danelia represented Georgia.

In the frame of AGRO 2014were held the 13th specialized exhibition of animal industries and veterinary medicine "Animal'EX", the 11th exhibition of horse breeding and equestrian sport "EquiWorld", the 9th specialized exhibition "MushroomExpo", the 8th specialized exhibition for fish farming and fishery "FishExpo", the 7th specialized exhibition for alternative and renewable energy "BioFuel", the 6th special exposition of farming machinery manufactured by the companies of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, the 3rd specialized exhibition for automation, management, GPS and GIS technology "Hi-Tech AGRO".
The specialized exhibition of organic products and technologies "Organic 2014"" was organised at AGRO in cooperation with the Organic Federation of Ukraine for the second time. The exhibition was attended by 46 companies, incl. 24 manufacturers of certified organic products. Federation of Organic Movement of Ukraine together with the organizers supplemented it with a tasting show ORGANIC TASTE including tasting of organic foods and products.

More than 900 companies, associations and research institutes presented the latest innovations, products and technologies in the field of agricultural machinery, plant production, livestock breeding, bioenergy, alternative energy, and organic agriculture. The largest part of the exhibition was justly reserved for agricultural machinery. Here the leading world and domestic manufacturers introduced new products: harvester-threshers, tractors, multipurpose machines, seeders, sprayers etc. At the end of the 4-days fair the exhibitors were unanimous in reporting an extremely high number of promising contacts and successful deals concluded.

Attention-getting collective expositions of Kyiv, Zaporizhya, Cherkasy, Lviv, Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Zhytomyr and Khmelnytsky regions were traditionally located in pavilion 7. Over 300 national brands of foodstuff and food processing industry were offered at manufacturing prices.

The exhibition attracted 145,000 visitors from 34 countries incl. 25,000 professional visitors.

More than 40 conferences, seminars and meetings of agricultural and bioenergy themes were presented by Ukrainian and foreign ministries, committees, embassies, associations and companies during AGRO 2014.
Business program of AGRO 2014

The exhibition AGRO 2014 proves once again that Ukraine is the country with strong agribusiness, the most fertile lands and high traditional farming culture.

AGRO is recognized to be the biggest and most prestigious nation-wide event in agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 27th International Agro-Industrial Exhibition-Fair AGRO 2015.

TV Bericht - Agrarian Ukraine


Ausgewählte Presseberichte und Mitteilungen

Estonia helps Ukraine to adapt to the EU agricultural requirements
The Ukrainian Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Ihor Shvaika and Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Estonia Ivari Padar signed action plan for enhancement of cooperation between the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Estonia for 2014-2016.
PDF Download, Ministry of Agriculture of Estonia / Black Sea Agro, 04.06.2014

First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Georgia held a working meeting at AGRO 2014
The Ministry of Agriculture Delegation of Georgia headed by First Deputy Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia held a working visit to Ukraine and participated in the AGRO 2014.
PDF Download, Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia, 06.06.2014

Sulaimnay Chamber of Commerce and Industry contributed in AGRO 2014
Sulaimany Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in the International Agricultural Exhibition-Fair AGRO and they pointed out that the Exhibition prearranged and organized successfully. Also these agricultural machinery and equipment which showed in the fair were the high standard and latest technology used to produce them.
PDF Download, Sulaimnay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 08.06.2014

BioFuel 2014: Presentation of the interim project results in Ukraine
AGRO is the largest agricultural exhibition of the CIS-Countries and Eastern Europe, the most important annual state-level event in the Agro-Industrial Complex (AIC) of Ukraine. The fair has the highest number of visitors, including top government, leading shareholders in agriculture from all regions of Ukraine, top-managers and specialists from agricultural enterprises. A series of specialized experts’ events took place in the framework of AGRO 2014. One of them was the conference "Prospects for development of renewable energy sources and alternative fuels" organized within the International Biofuels’ Day 2014.
PDF Download, Die Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR) / BIO-PROM, 09.06.2014

Specialized exhibition and fair of organic products and technologies ORGANIC-2014
The event was organized in the framework of AGRO by Organic Federation of Ukraine and Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine with support from Swiss Confederation. Co-organizers: Swiss-Ukrainian project "Organic Market Development in Ukraine" (FiBL, Switzerland) and USAID Agroinvest Project. More than 20 Ukrainian organic producers from Kyiv, Transcarpathian, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Poltava, Volyn, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk and Donetsk regions took part in the exhibition.
PDF Download, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), 22.06.2014

APD stellt deutsche Erfahrungen im Bereich der Lebensmittelsicherheit in Kiew vor
Der Deutsch-Ukrainische Agrarpolitische Dialog organisierte am 5. Juni im Rahmen der XXVI Internationalen Agrarausstellung „AGRO-2014“ das Seminar „Qualität und Sicherheit von Lebensmitteln – Anforderungen der EU und deutsche Erfahrung bei der Organisation und Aufgabenverteilung zwischen Staat und Wirtschaft“.
PDF Download, Deutsch-Ukrainische Agrarpolitische Dialog, 05.06.2014

Kontaktbörse für Studierende auf Kiewer AGRO 2014
Am 5. Juni 2014 veranstaltete APOLLO e.V. in Kiew eine Kontaktbörse für ukrainische Studierende auf der 26. Internationalen Landwirtschaftsausstellung AGRO 2014. Ein anschließendes Bewerbungstraining war offen für alle Messebesucher. Die Kontaktbörse nutzten 24 Studierende verschiedener Fakultäten sechs ukrainischer Agrarhochschulen.
PDF Download, Apollo e.V., Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Projekte in Oekologie, Landwirtschaft und Landesentwicklung in Osteuropa e.V.

State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine (SFGCU) at AGRO-2014
"It’s the 6th time I attend AGRO exhibition - said the Chairman of the Board of "SFGCU" PJSC Peter Vovchuk - it is extraordinarily useful event for Ukrainian state-owned enterprises. It is a great opportunity for managers and industry experts to know the products of the markets of all spectrums of agricultural production and agricultural equipment."
The visitors could see the presentation of the elevator and processing capacities of the state corporation.
PDF Download, SFGCU, 04.06.2014

State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine presented wide exposition at "AGRO-2014" exhibition
During the AGRO-2014 SALR introduced a wide exposition: for example, State Scientific and Production Enterprise "Cartography" – a leading enterprise that is supervised by SALR, offers and demonstrates on its stands production and services for agriculture, including the creation of geo-information systems of agricultural complexes, implementation of spatial analysis and modeling of agro-industrial objects and enterprises, farmlands, monitoring of the environmental situation based on current digital topographic maps of different scales.
PDF Download, SALR

Novofarm has already been a participant of this exhibition for many years and always demonstrates huge amount of farm technique. This exhibition is very interesting for Ukrainian visitors, for first government persons, for regional agrarian headers and for top-managers, specialists of agrarian enterprises. Novofarm signed many pre-selling agreements at the exhibition AGRO-2014.
PDF Download, Press release of Novofarm, 10.06.2014

FC Dynamo Kyiv and AMAKO company: first step of productive cooperation
FC Dynamo Kyiv official partner AMAKO company has been presented at the International Agroindustrial Fair AGRO-2014. Cooperation agreement between the company and the club has been prolonged. It will be valid till the end of 2015/16 season.
PDF Download, FC Dynamo Kyiv, 05.06.2014





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