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UKRAINE: Nachrichten aus der Landwirtschaft 2013-2014


Ukraine by December 10 harvests 64.1 million tonnes of grain
Ukraine as of December 10 had threshed grain and leguminous crops on 14.6 million hectares (99% of the projected area) and harvested 64.1 million tonnes of grain. The average yield of grain crops in the country at the moment is 43.8 centners per ha against 40.9 centners per ha in 2013.
According to the ministry, the highest grain yield was obtained in Khmelnytsky region (64.2 centners per ha), Vinnytsia region (61.5 centners per ha), Sumy region (60.4), Kyiv region (59.8), and Cherkasy region (58.2).
11.12.2014 Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

Ukraine exports over 16 million tonnes of grain since beginning of marketing year
Ukraine has exported 16.358 million tonnes of grain since the beginning of the 2014-2015 marketing year, including 7.625 million tonnes of wheat, 5.172 million tonnes of corn, 3.375 million tonnes of barley, and 189,000 tonnes of other crops. The ministry also said that about 403,000 tonnes had currently been loaded onto ships. Therefore, grain crops exported and prepared for export amounted to 16.761 million tonnes (7.669 million tonnes of wheat, 3.459 million tonnes of barley, and 5.447 million tonnes of corn).
10.12.2014 Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

Ukraine intends to join private farms in commodity groups
The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine intends to transform private farms into other form of incorporation by investing the government support to the sector, in order to motive farmers to join the commodity lines. In Ukraine there are 4.2 million of private farming enterprises tilling nearly 6.5 million ha. According to the Ministry estimations, 20% of private farms produce agriproducts for sale. However, in accordance with legislation, the activity related with private farms is not entrepreneurial. The situation creates the corruptive systems of commodities realization, affects their quality and leads to budget losses.
24.11. 2014 Source: APK-Inform

Ukraine: global modernization of the elevator capacities to halve the costs for grain storing
According to estimations of APK-Inform analysts, to date the minimum and maximum tariffs for the basic operations at elevators in Ukraine significantly differ. Thus, the complex processing of grain masses at outdated elevators with high energy costs, is more expensive in nearly 3.6 times compared with modern elevators with energy-efficient and highly productive technical equipment. At the same time, the average tariffs throughout the country exceed the minimum ones in nearly 2.2 times. Thus, after improving the technical maintenance of grain elevators, one can reduce the costs for grain processing and storage in Ukraine in more than 2 times.
18.11. 2014 Source: APK-Inform

EBRD gives USD 25 million to company modernizing grain storage facility in Odesa
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing a USD 25 million loan to Trans-Oil Group, a leading agricultural commodities trader and sunflower oil producer in Moldova, to boost agriculture in Moldova and Ukraine. The EBRD's loan will enable Trans-Oil Group to expand its grain terminal in the Moldovan port of Giurgiulesti on the Danube River and to acquire and modernize a grain storage facility in the neighboring port of Reni, in Ukraine. It is expected that by 2017 the company will be able to collect five times more grain in Ukraine than it does now and that it will also be able "to establish cooperation with larger numbers of farmers and provide them with technical advice on sustainable and profitable farming."
04.11.2014 Source: statement of EBRD

Ukraine: the land trades information became public
The State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine published the list of land plots which will be presented in the land auction. The list contains nearly 1100 state agrarian land plots with the total area of 29 thsd ha. The information is published on the official website of the State Agency in the “Land auctions” section. Besides, the Agency is planning to introduce the changes for legislation of Ukraine for the land auctions implementation simplifying.
23.10. 2014 Source: APK-Inform

Ukraine exhausted all quotas for grain supplies to the EU
Ukraine completely exhausted quotas for wheat, flour and maize supplies to the EU countries, declared the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. According to the statement Ukraine has already exhausted a quota for meat and semi products supplies for 77%, cereals supplies - for 78%.
Besides, A.Yatsenyuk stated Russia refused to import Ukrainian commodities, thus Ukraine found other distribution areas. The sunflower oil exports to Russia decreased by 50% but its general ones increased by 17% owing supplies to India, the Netherlands, Iran, Spain, Italy, Algeria, Malaysia, the United Kingdom.
20.10. 2014 Source: APK-Inform

Ukraine to receive the additional quota for exports to EU
The Ukrainian Government is conducting the negotiations with the EU in order to receive the additional annual quota for exports to the EU countries since November 1, 2014, declared the Deputy of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Valeriy Piyatnitskiy. According to the statement Ukraine has already filled the quota of grain and maize, meanwhile the one for other positions to be filled soon. Considering the delay of Free Trade Zone agreement Ukraine may not hold the negotiations on the quota's review. Actually the ones are available under independent trade preferences.
Remind, on September 29, 2014 the EU Council decided to delay the Free Trade Zone agreement implementation between Ukraine and the EU till January 1, 2016.
15.10. 2014 Source: APK-Inform

Ukraine to rise the agricultural lands rent payment
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine may increase the minimal rent payment for the agricultural lands — to 6% as opposed to the previous 3%. The corresponding Draft Law (reg. ?5066) «On the land rent" was registered in the Verkhovna Rada. According to the document's explanatory note, the 6% rate is economically justified. Besides, the Draft Law proposes to oblige the renters to pay at least 50% of the annual rent in cash.
16.09. 2014 Source: APK-Inform

Ukraine became the leader on grain supplies to Egypt
In the period of July 1 – August 15, 2014 Ukraine became the leader among the countries-exporters of grains to Egypt. As of the reported date Ukrainian sea ports shipped 0.61 million tonnes of wheat, or 35% of the total wheat exports to Egypt. During the reported period USA exported to Egypt 397.02 thsd tonnes of maize, Russia – 381.59 thsd tonnes of wheat, Argentina – 252.65 thsd tonnes of maize, Brazil – 166 thsd tonnes of maize, Romania – 63 thsd tonnes of wheat and 51.8 thsd tonnes of maize.
15.08.2014 Source: APK-Inform

Ukraine exports over 1.7 million tonnes of novel corn
Grain export is held by higher rates this year against the previous one, 1.757 million tonnes have been shipped, President of the Ukrainian Grain Association Volodymyr Klymenko told. He noted that according to the forecasts of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Ukraine will be the 6th on wheat export this year, corn exports - the 4th, and barley exports - the 5th.
As the Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry informed, in Ukraine, early crops and leguminous crops as of July 30 were thrashed on the area of 7.664 million ha, 26.87 million tonnes of novel corn were gathered.
31.07.2014 Source: Ukrainian Grain Association

Stefan Fule: Agricultural sector is strategically important for both Ukraine and the EU
During an extended meeting of Government’s members with the delegation of the European Commission with the participation of the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule and EU Commissioner for Financial Programming and Budget Janusz Lewandowski the strategic importance of the agricultural sector in the European integration process was discussed. During the meeting the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Ihor Shvaika noted that recognizing the key role of the agricultural sector in the process of European integration and in terms of the implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, the Agriculture Ministry is working on the elaboration of clear and precise rules in the sector. Our task is to create the most favorable conditions in which agrarian business and government will work together. "We understand the strategic importance of agriculture for both Ukraine and the European Union. We are ready to send to Ukraine experts of veterinary, sanitary and phytosanitary fields in order to improve these areas and to share the European experience so that Ukraine would able to export more to the European market of agricultural products," Stefan Fule noted.
26.03.2014 Source: Press Service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food

The next session of the Sub-Commission on cooperation in agriculture between Ukraine and China will be held at AGRO 2014
On March 14, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Ihor Shvaika met with Mr. Zhang Xiyun, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to Ukraine. During the meeting, the Minister stressed the importance for Ukraine of further cooperation with China within the grain contracts, and search for new areas of work. In particular, Ihor Shvaika has emphasized that Ukraine confirms its intention to work with Chinese partners and increase the pace of work, as it was in 2013, during which the turnover between the two countries, compared with 2012, increased by 410.4 million US and reached 682 million US.
"Trade- economic and investment cooperation is the key one for our bilateral relationship. In particular, we are interested in attracting Chinese investment to joint projects in the field of veterinary medicine and animal husbandry, mushroom and crop production, fisheries and land reclamation," the Minister said. From his part, Ambassador Zhang Xiyun has confirmed that Chinese side intends to continue the strategic partnership between the two countries within the framework of the signed contracts. According to the Ambassador, a group of Chinese experts will soon come to Kyiv. The meeting ended with an agreement to hold the next (fourth) session of the Sub-Commission on cooperation in agriculture, which will be held at the International Agricultural Exhibition "AGRO 2014" in June 2014.
14.03.2014 Source: Press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food

Spring crops sown on 106,000 ha
As of March 11, early spring sowing was carried out on 106,000 ha or 4% of the forecast, incl. barley - 82,000 ha, peas - 16,000 ha, wheat - 2,000 ha, oats - 6,000 ha, Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Ihor Shvaika said. According to the Minister, this year, more than 18.5 million ha of spring crops are planned to be sown, incl. spring grain on 8.6 million ha. The Minister also said that wintering of winter crops in all the regions of Ukraine passed successfully.
11.03.2014 Source: Ukrinform

EU will unilaterally open markets for Ukrainian products
The European Union promised to open its markets for Ukrainian products unilaterally, until the Agreement on the Free Trade Area will be finally signed between Ukraine and the EU. Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk has said from the parliamentary rostrum, commenting on results of his visit to Brussels.
11.03.2014 Source: Ukrinform

Yatseniuk instructs to urgently prepare for sowing campaign
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk instructed Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Ihor Shvaiko and heads of regional state administrations to start an urgent preparation for the sowing campaign. According to him, this is an issue of Ukraine's food security and additional revenues to the state budget, as well as a reputation of Ukraine, as one of main exporters of crops and the agroindustrial food on the territory of Europe.
05.03.2014 Source: Ukrinform

Agrarian Ministry develops unique development policy
Ukrainian village development issues have become a priority for the officials and have led the Ukraine's Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food to develop a long-term Concept for Rural Development 2025, which should ensure the maximum development of the villages in all regions. Experts say this type of long-term program developed in Ukraine for the first time. The main feature of the document is to provide a high degree of autonomy for local communities in determining the vectors of development. It is important that the development of the document will be taken into account climatic and other important features of the territories, effectively spreading the specialization of regions in the cultivation of agricultural products.
In October 2013 the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Strategy for the Development of the agricultural sector by 2020. The main thrust of agricultural strategy is to maximize the potential of the agricultural sector, which will give a powerful impetus to the investment, technological and social recovery in the state. The document is based on the fulfillment of three blocks of tasks. The first block of the Strategy aims to create conditions for increasing investment, bringing the level of domestic markets to European standards. That, in turn, will provide opportunities for Ukrainian products to international markets. Strategic issue is also to provide farmers access to cheap finance and leasing machinery and equipment. The second set of tasks is to create a favorable investment climate in the industry. The third part of the tasks responsible for the formation of an effective innovation structure of agro-industry.
18.02.2014 Source: Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Ukrainian farmer - successful producer
There are numbered around 40 thousand farms in Ukraine nowadays. They produce considerable share of agricultural production, in particular fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products. In the previous year the farms improved their production capacity by 6.5%. So, the country will continue supporting the farmers, including allocation of the budget funds. Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Olexandr Sen informed during a congress of Farmer and Private Land Owner Association of Ukraine. According to the deputy minister, farmers start playing a more and more important role in the national economy. So, in the current year over 40 thousand farms are enumerated in Ukraine and have in possession 14% agricultural lands of the country. “We can ascertain that today a Ukrainian farmer has been formed as a host and a producer as well. Only during the previous year the private economies increased production of agriculture goods by 6.5%. So, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy understands the importance of supporting the farmers and farmer’s organizations,” Olexandr Sen informed.
17.02.2014 Source: Press service of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food

Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry develops a unique action plan of rural development
The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine began to develop a long-term action plan of rural development by 2025. In particular, it will focus on enabling local communities to independently determine the directions of their development. This was announced by the Head of Rural Areas Research and Development Department Sergiy Kadyhrob. According to the expert, the development of Ukrainian villages is a priority for government officials. The agency began to develop the action plan of rural development by 2025 which should ensure the full development of all rural areas. And this long-term program is being developed in Ukraine for the first time.
17.02.2014 Source: Press Service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food

Agricultural production grows by 6% in January
In January 2014, agricultural production in Ukraine grew by 6% compared with January 2013. Compared with December 2013, gross agricultural production rose by 29.6%.
14.02.2014 Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine

Minimum expenses for sowing campaign will be UAH 50 billion this year
Ukrainian farmers need UAH 50 billion for carrying out this spring sowing campaign. “To more or less normally fulfill the requirements of technical support regarding seed, minimal fertilization and plant protection, it is necessary to spend at least UAH 2,000 per hectare. For sowing, about UAH 50 billion are necessary," the Agricultural Policy and Food Minister said during his visit to the agricultural enterprise in Kyiv region. He also said that farmers are able to finance the sowing campaign at their own expense by 80%. Prolongation of overdue credits by the National Bank, which are about UAH 10 billion, will allow farmers to use these funds for immediate operating costs. The Agrarian Fund and the State Food and Grain Corporation will give to farmers another about UAH 8 billion through the forward funding.
13.02.2014 Source: Ukrinform

Government to monitor prices for mineral fertilizers
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will monitor prices for mineral fertilizers. "The government is controlling prices for mineral fertilizers. The industrial policy minister has taken this issue under control. There was a threat not even in price, but in the availability of fertilizers. Now all chemical plants are operating. The wholesale selling price of UAH 3,300 per tonne has been set," Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk said during his visit to an agricultural enterprise in Kyiv region.
13.02.2014 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine and Saudi Arabia deepen cooperation in agricultural sector
Ukraine and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are expanding cooperation in the agricultural sector. In particular, Ukraine is interested in opening the market of the Kingdom for Ukrainian chicken, and increasing export of grain and oil. The implementation of joint investment projects in agribusiness is also in the interests of both countries. The perspective is cooperation between Ukraine and Saudi Arabia in sheep farming. The sides also discussed issues related to the holding next meeting of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Saudi Commission for Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation on March 25-26, 2014 in Saudi Arabia.
12.02.2014 Source: Press Service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food

Agricultural sector enlarges state budget by UAH 47 billion
"By results of 2013, gross agricultural output amounted to over UAH 253 billion in 2007 prices and UAH 47 billion was sent to the state budget from the agrarian sector," the Agricultural Policy and Food Minister said. According to him, the agricultural production volume increased by 13.7 % compared with 2012. At farms, the increase was 21% and in households - 6.4%. The implementation of the state program of the economy intensification for 2013-2014 provides significant impetus for the development of the agricultural sector.
11.02.2014 Source: Ukrinform

Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food agreed on deepening cooperation with German agricultural business
German agricultural business is ready to actively enter the national market and invest in agriculture in Ukraine. Almost all conditions are created to do this. However, there are still several issues that to be resolved. In particular, it is necessary to simplify taxation, mechanisms of permits and certificates. This was discussed at the meeting of Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Olexandr Sen with representatives of the German agricultural business, which took place before the official opening of the exhibition "Green Week" in Berlin.
About 20 representatives of agrarian companies, industrial associations and organizations of Germany attended the bilateral meeting, in particular those who represent crop production, agricultural machinery, production of plant protection products, livestock, grain traders. They noted that they were ready to expand partnerships with Ukraine, in particular to go to local market and invest in agriculture. 17.01.2014 Source: Press Service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food

Ukraine will produce 120 million tonnes of grain in 15 years
Ukraine will double grain production in 15 years. President of the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) Volodymyr Klymenko has expressed this opinion at a press conference at Ukrinform. “15 years ago, nobody believed that Ukraine will produce 60 million tonnes of grain. In 2013, Ukraine produced 60 million tonnes and just in 15 years Ukraine will produce 120 million tonnes of grain,” he said. According to him, in order to double grain production, Ukrainian farmers have to work over a problem of raising a crop capacity: ”If on the same acreage, existing now, Ukraine produces corn with the crop capacity existing in the U.S., wheat and barley with the crop capacity existing in France - we will gather 120 million tonnes of only three crops on the same acreage, and I do not even say about oil-bearing crops,” Klymenko explained. He noted that even now there are examples of farmers from Cherkasy region, where corn's crop capacity is 250 centners/ha: “The average crop capacity is 10.5 tonnes/ha in the U.S., and we have already 20 tonnes,” the Association President summed up.
17.01.2014 Source: Ukrainian Grain Association / Ukrinform

Ukraine exports 32 million tonnes of grain in 2013
Ukraine exported 22.132 million tonnes of grain to foreign countries in the first six months of the 2013/2014 marketing year, which was 4.825 million tonnes more than in the same period of the previous marketing year. This was stated by Chairman of the State Agricultural Inspectorate of Ukraine Vladyslav Honcharenko. "Over 32 million tonnes of grain was exported in 2013," Honcharenko said. In addition, since the beginning of the 2013/2014 marketing year (July 1, 2013 through January 13, 2014) Ukraine has exported 23.62 million tonnes of grain and leguminous crops, including 6.901 million tonnes of wheat.
14.01.2014 Source: Press Service of the State Agricultural Inspection

Ukraine among TOP 10 wheat producers
The TOP 10 wheat producers include the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Ukraine and the EU countries.  “A part of Ukrainian wheat is purchased by the United Nations World Food Program for African countries. Ukraine mainly exports milling wheat now. Therefore, Indian and Ukrainian wheat recently almost are not competing on the export market,” the expert of the analytical center ProAgro Yaroslav Levytsky said. Levytsky added that India, which is the second by size wheat producer, mainly exports feed grain, which is purchased by the third world countries.
13.01.2014 Source: Ukrinform

Crops overwinter well
Despite unusual weather in winter, the condition of winter crops is within normal limits. "Abnormally warm temperature in December and early January has not adversely affected winter crops. Survey of winter crops shows that 7.2 million hectares are in good and satisfactory condition, i.e. 92% of winter crops. It is within the normal range and even slightly better against the last year," the Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk said. The Minister reminded that winter crops were sown on 7.8 million hectares. In general, the grain acreage under the next year's crop will be 16.4 million hectares.
10.01.2014 Source: Ukrinform

Sunflower seed market stabilized by national enterprises
In September-November of 2013/2014 marketing year, sunflower seed export from Ukraine reduced by 80.1% or by 47,100 tonnes against the same period of 2012/2013 marketing year and made up only 11,700 tonnes. On the backdrop of the forecasted record-making gross yield of this crop at 10-10.6 million tonnes, the export rates appeared to be rather slow. The main counteragents in sunflower seed exports are Turkey, the Russian Federation and the European Union.
09.01.2014 Source: Ukrainian Agribusiness Club

Agriculture sector provides for 25% of currency revenues from exports
Fourth of the state currency revenues from exports is provided by the agricultural sector. “About 25% of currency revenues to the state from exports is provided by the agrarian sector. At the same time, Ukrainian foodstuffs became an inseparable part in provision of the world food security. And this took place not only thanks to the world leadership in grain and oil-bearing groups. Ukraine continues boosting exports of finished agricultural products,” Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk said. According to the Minister, the government is working that Ukrainian agricultural products were in every country of the world, therefore, it opens new markets every year.
08.01.2014 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Ukraine boosts corn export by 3 million tonnes
Domestic farmers sold 9.5 million tonnes of novel corn in 2013, which exceeds the previous marketing period by 3 million tonnes. “Corn remains the main export crop for Ukraine. This is proved by results of supply in 2013. Before the New Year, agricultural producers supplied 9.5 million tonnes of novel corn to foreign markets, i.e., more than 3 million tonnes up against the same period of the previous marketing year,” the Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk noted. The Minister added that corn sells at a premium on the world markets. Therefore, Ukraine will continue expansion of markets and the search of new ones in 2014.
As reported, in 2013, Ukraine has supplied 18.5 million tonnes of novel corn to foreign markets.
06.01.2014 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Ukraine, Belarus want to adapt Belarusian farm machinery to Ukrainian conditions
Belarus plans to work with Ukraine to create a joint research and production association with experts of the two countries to be engaged in adapting Belarusian agricultural equipment to Ukrainian conditions. "It is now planned that, I assume, next year we will set up a joint research and production association with professionals to adapt Belarusian equipment to Ukrainian conditions," the Belarusian Ambassador to Ukraine Valentyn Velychko said.
26.12.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Cabinet planning to allocate UAH 900 million for cattle breeding in 2014
The Ukrainian government plans to increase financing in the cattle breeding sector to UAH 900 million next year. “Next year, it is planned to increase financing in the cattle breeding sector. In particular, in the state budget for 2014, UAH 900 million is planned to be allocated for this. And this is UAH 250 million up against the amount envisaged in the state budget for 2013,” a statement reads. In particular, agricultural producers will continue paying the funds for keeping and preservation of young cattle, for cattle sold for slaughter and construction of livestock breeding complexes. Also, cost of the purchased breeding stock and milking machine units will also be refunded.
23.12.2013 Source: press service of the Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine

Cattle breeders prefer pig growing this year
In January-November 2013, an index of cattle breeding made up 104.5% in Ukraine against the same period of 2012, including at agricultural enterprises - 108.3%, household economies - 101.8%.
 “Agricultural enterprises (except for small enterprises) boosted the volume of cattle and poultry breeding by 12.0% in January-November this year against the same period of 2012, including pigs - by 15.6%, poultry - by 12.7%, but reduced cattle breeding by 1.5%,” a statement reads.
Agricultural enterprises, over 11 months against the same period of the previous year, reduced the cattle population by 61,100 heads to 1.452 million (-4%) and flocks and herds by 10,600 to 257,000 heads (-4%). Instead, pig stock grew by 350,000 to 3.969 million (+9.7%), and poultry stock grew by 14.924 to 135.824 million (+12.3%). A ratio of the total volume of cattle breeding and poultry growing against realization of cattle for slaughter made up 106.4% (in January-November 2012 - 107.5%).
At the beginning of December this year, households kept 70.8% of total number of cattle, including cows - 78.0% (2 million heads), pigs - 52.2% (4.343 million), flocks and herds - 86.6% (1.667 million), all types of poultry - 44.7% (109.685 million heads).
23.12.2013 Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine’

Agricultural production almost 12% up in Ukraine
Volumes of agricultural production in Ukraine over 11 months of the current year grew by 11.7% against the same period of 2012.
Data of the State Statistics Committee testify to the continued positive dynamics of cattle and poultry population in 2013. Growth of cattle stock was 102.9% (against the same period of 2012), pigs - 104.3%, sheep and goats - 106.9%, poultry - 107.5% over 11 months.
Over the entire current year, growth of production of main types of cattle stock is being observed. The experts, in particular, pay attention to meat production growth (in live weight). Against the previous year, meat output grew by 9.1%. Growth in milk output made up 0.9%, eggs - 2.4%.
Experts of the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry note that by results of nine months, profits of agricultural enterprises grew by 18.2% against the same period of the previous year and made up UAH 244.3 million (over nine months of 2012 - UAH 165.2 million). At the same time, the profitability rate in the agricultural sector grew to 1.4%, whereas in H1, 2012, it made up 1.3%.
Stable growth of agricultural production reflects a positive effect from the reforms held in the agrarian sector, the analysts believe. For instance, in January-October 2013, the volume of subsidies and compensations for sold cattle meat (in live weight) for slaughter made up UAH 13.2 million (this is 10.1% against January-October 2012), pigs - UAH 12.9 million (5.2% up).
16.12.2013 Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine

500 Ukrainian businessmen start growing vegetables this year
The number of businessmen, who are engaged in growing vegetables, gourds and roots over 11 months of this year, became by 489 economic entities or 9% up against the same period of the previous year. “The Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine informs that over 11 months of the current year almost 500 economic entities (489), which determined growing of vegetables, gourds and roots as the main type of its activities. This is almost 9% up against the same period of the previous year, when 450 business entities were registered in this sphere,” a statement says. At the same time, private businessmen make almost 85% of the vegetable business sector. This business was most actively developed in Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Lviv regions.
Successful development of business in the vegetable growing sector by agricultural enterprises allowed substantially increasing the volumes of vegetable products, the potato yield exceeds the needs of population 3.5 fold, beet - 1.7 fold, carrots - 1.4 fold, cabbage and onions - 1.3 fold.
As the experts noted, businessmen who came to vegetable business, considerably boosted production volumes of deficit vegetables, which are in demand, but are poorly cultivated in Ukraine. Primarily, the matter concerns Brussels sprouts, broccoli, leek and arugula. Agricultural analysts are convinced that over the nearest five years, domestic vegetable growers will be able to force out imported vegetables that can be cultivated in Ukraine.
09.12.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Work on preparing national agro-industrial complex to European integration goes on in Ukraine
Ukraine continues preparation of national agrarian sector to entering of its products to the European market. At the same time the work is intensified in the direction of strengthening positions of Ukraine on other not less important sales markets. As over 10 months the largest amount of national agricultural products were exported to Asian countries – 34.4%. The second place – the EU countries (almost 27%), the third – CIS states (22.5%).
09.12.2013 Source: Press service of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food

New agricultural program until 2020 oriented toward small and medium producer
The state program for development of the agrarian sector of the economy until 2020 primarily envisages support of small and medium producers and preservation of the Ukrainian village, Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk has said.
The state program is planned to be presented in 2014.
06.12.2013 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Yanukovych's visit to China to help Ukrainian melioration
A loan agreement worth about USD 3 billion for melioration projects are planned to be signed during a visit of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to China. "We want to resume irrigation in southern regions. Irrigation of 2,000,000 hectares of land will let increase the yield by 6 tons per hectare, that is, we get additional 12 million tons of grain," Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Mykola Prysiazhniuk emphasized. Also, during Yanukovych's visit to China the sides intend to negotiate contracts for Kriukiv Railway Car Building Works and start the construction of plants for the production of synthesis gas by Chinese technology in Ukraine.
03.12.2013 Source: Ukrinform / capital.ua

Ukraine will produce 1.2 million tonnes of broiler poultry meat this year
Broiler poultry meat production is expected to the amount of 1.2 million tonnes in Ukraine in 2013. Chairman of the association Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine Oleksandr Bakumenko told. “Against 2000, the volume of broiler industrial production actually grew 30 fold. And what is the most important, we already consume 25 kg of poultry meat per head, this is the level of European developed countries,” Bakumenko stressed. According to him, in 2000, only 193,000 tonnes of poultry meat was produced, out of these, 36,000 tonnes - industrially. Production reduced 3.5 fold against 1990, when Ukraine produced 708,000 tonnes of poultry meat (17.9 kg per head), out of these, 357,000 tonnes were produced industrially.
Active growth started since 2003, when the President's decree was issued “On privatization in agriculture,” Bakumenko reminded. “Business was organized in a new fashion, modern management was used and new world's genetic resources. Construction of new and reconstruction of poultry farms was carried out and very serious investment resources were made in development of the poultry industry,” he said. And until 2017, according to business plans of our holdings, we plan to boost the volumes of poultry meat production to 1.7 million tonnes, i.e. actually 1.5 fold over four years,” Bakumenko stressed.
25.11.2013 Source: Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine

IFC invests USD 200 million in Ukrainian agricultural sector
The International Finance Corporation IFC invested over USD 200 million in development of Ukrainian agricultural business this year. “Agricultural business makes up 30% of our portfolio. The IFC invested over USD 200 million in the agricultural sector in 2013,” Head of the International Finance Corporation IFA activities in Ukraine Olena Voloshyna said. The agricultural sector remains the most interesting sphere for investment. “Demand for foodstuffs grows in the world. In addition, Ukraine has potential to produce the larger volume of products and there are also some competitive advantages,” the expert stressed.
20.11.2013 Source: International Finance Corporation (IFC)

More than half of international agro-industry standards adopted in Ukraine
It is necessary to adapt the Ukrainian legislation to EU requirements as soon as possible for access of domestic agricultural products to the European market. For today, of all the regulations and EU directives listed in the draft Association Agreement, more than half have been implemented in Ukraine, Ukraine's Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Mykola Prysiazhniuk said. According to him, for today Ukraine has already implemented 52% of the international ISO standards in the field of agriculture and 59% in food industry. Also, the country harmonized 64% of standards of the European Commission in agriculture and 40% in food industry. Prysiazhniuk also noted that one of the major unsolved issues remains a legislation in the field of animal identification and registration. At the same time, he noted that Ukrainian farmers count on the substantial financial and technical assistance promised by the European side.
20.11.2013 Source: Ukrinform

EBRD to invest in Ukrainian agricultural business
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) purchased stocks in Louis Dreyfus Commodities Silos - the company, whose representation is in Ukraine, to the amount of USD 30.5 million, investing by this in national grain production. “The EBRD will support development of grain production in Russia and Ukraine. The company Louis Dreyfus Commodities made investments to the amount of USD 30.5 million in expansion and improvement of grain processing and logistics related to this,” a statement says. Those financing programs are aimed at expansion of export activities, modernization and increase of capacities of the available grain elevators of the company in Russia and Ukraine, as well as for the purchase and construction of new elevators in Ukraine. The EBRD will also finance modernization and expansion of logistic operations in Russia and Ukraine. Louis Dreyfus Commodities possesses 18 elevators in these countries, which provide for trade operations of the company with grain and oil-bearing crops.
The EBRD is the largest financial investor of Ukraine. As of September 1, 2013, the bank allocated over USD 11.6 billion for realization of 327 projects in Ukraine.
19.11.2013 Source: EBRD press release

Ukrainian poultry exports reaching annual volume in January-October
According to the USDA forecast, poultry meat exports will be 120,000 tonnes in 2013, which leads Ukraine to the ninth position in the ranking of the world's “fast” meat exporters. Over 10 months, domestic producers of poultry meat have already exported 118,200 tonnes. Therefore, the forecasted annual export volume has been already fulfilled. “With such rates of export growth it is quite possible that actually by results of 2013 Ukraine will remove Canada and occupy the eighth position among the world's broiler exporters,” the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation predicts.
To remind, in 2014, the volume of Ukrainian poultry is forecasted at the level of 170,000 tonnes. Over 10 months of the current year, the volume of poultry growing and selling grew by 13%, and the poultry stock at agricultural enterprises grew by 22%.
19.11.2013 Source: Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation

Agricultural production will grow by third until 2020 in Ukraine
Agricultural production will grow by third in Ukraine until 2020, and primarily at the expense of plant products, which is envisaged by the Strategy for development of the agricultural sector of the economy. “In the Strategy, we have set ambitious but quite real tasks to the agrarian sector. The plant growing potential allows boosting production volumes to 50% until 2020. Certainly, this will allow us considerably increasing export of plant products. As concerns cattle breeding, it will remain a strategic sector for us. Hence, we are planning to fix growth at the level of 20%,” the Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk said.
According to him, such growth rates will allow increasing export of agricultural products by 3-4% every year. And this will fix a status of the most perspective sector in the foreign trade after the agroindustrial complex.
19.11.2013 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

2011 harvest record already beaten
Ukraine for today has harvested more than 57 million tonnes of grain, which exceeds the record harvest of 2011, when 56 million tonnes of grain were gathered. Also, on warm days farmers reached a record pace - one million tonnes of grain a day, Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Mykola Prysiazhniuk told. The minister said that with such a pace in the near future Ukraine will reach a maximum historical grain harvest - 60 million tonnes.
The official also pointed out that to a large extent the current record harvest is due to increased grain yield capacity. "We cannot be satisfied with what has been already achieved. Our task is to reach 90% of the yield capacity in developed countries. It is necessary to maintain the existing areas. Of course, this will not happen in a year. However, we are working to promote the further growth and plan to reach the figure of 72 million tonnes of grain by 2020 as projected by the UN." Prysiazhniuk noted.
11.11.2013 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Sugar supply will make up 2.2 million tons in Ukraine
Ukrainian sugar producers have already produced over 570,000 tons of sugar. In total, this year internal supply at 2.2 million tonnes on the market will be quite enough for the needs of Ukrainians. However, in order to support sugar producers, sugar beet growing and sugar production will be balanced in Ukraine. In addition, the government supports differentiation of sugar beet processing for biofuel, as well as expands external sugar markets.
“This year, it is planned to produce over 1.3 million tons of sugar. In addition, there are 890,000 tonnes of carryover stocks. And this is more than enough for the needs of Ukrainians. Since internal consumption over a year makes up about 1.8 million tonnes. For today, the sugar production season is in full swing. In total, 38 sugar refineries are engaged in sugar beet processing. And they have already produced over 570,000 tonnes of sugar,” the Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk said. According to him, agricultural producers continue gathering sugar beet, since the terms changed this year. And currently, over 5.5 million tons of raw materials came to sugar refineries. In total, sugar producers are planning to process about 11 million tonnes of sugar beet.
The Minister added that it is necessary to develop the export potential of the sector. And the government continues working over expansion of external markets. Ukrainian sugar producers supplied over 134,000 tonnes of sugar abroad over the previous marketing year.
04.11.2013 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Vegetable storage facilities at 499,000 tonnes will be built in Ukraine over two to three years
Vegetable storage facilities will appear in Ukraine over the nearest two to three years for 400,000 tonnes of products. This will help not only avoiding the loss of the yield during the storage, but to have stable price situation over the winter-autumn period. Therefore, the local authorities have to promote in every way access of agricultural producers, in particular small, to storage facilities.
“This year, the high yield of vegetables was again harvested in Ukraine at 9.3 million tonnes, as well as potatoes - 22 million tonnes. Main producers of these products are private households. Therefore, the task of the state and local authorities is to give them access to special storage facilities. This will also help providing the local community with products at affordable prices,” the Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk noted. He stressed that by using the services of storage facilities, producers will be able to sell these products at their convenience at profitable prices. In addition, those infrastructure projects will promote price stability over winter and spring periods.
To remind, a system of storage facilities in Ukraine today for storing fruit and vegetable products makes up 2.7 million tonnes, out of these, for storage of potatoes - 1.3 million tonnes, vegetables - 1.02 million tonnes, fruits - 366,000 tonnes.
30.10.2013 Source: Ukrinform / Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

APK-Invest group of companies invests UAH 10 million in expansion of agricultural machinery park
According to the development plan, a group of APK- Invest companies increased the agricultural machinery park by 14 units. New high-performance self-propelled and towed machinery was purchased for the department of plant growing and farming from leading manufacturers Case and Vaderstad. The investment amount made up UAH 10 million.
“Expansion of the machine and tractor park will enable reducing production expenses, optimizing the terms for carrying out works under conditions of the climatic instability and increasing the sowing area. Multifunctional machines and mechanisms are planned to be used for fulfillment of all types of soil cultivation and sowing of oil-bearing crops and grain crops, winter wheat including,” a statement reads.
To note, the APK-Invest lands, designated under winter wheat this year, increased by 30% against 2012. Expansion of the machine and tractor park created a reserve for further increase of the land bank of the APK-Invest group of companies, the agricultural sector specialists emphasized.
As reported, the Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry experts maintain that in 2013, Ukrainian agricultural producers can attract no less than USD 3 billion of investments into the agricultural sector.
24.09.2013 Source: APK-Invest

Ukraine exports almost 6.5 million tonnes of wheat since the beginning of marketing year
Actual grain export volumes made up 19.86 million tonnes since the beginning of 2012/2013 marketing year. In particular, 6.47 million tonnes of wheat was shipped to foreign markets, 11 million tonnes of corn and over 2 million tonnes of barley.
05.04.2013 Source: Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry / Ukrinform

Crop yield in Ukraine may exceed previous year's yield by 8-10 million tonnes
The crop yield in the current year, despite the weather abnormalities at the end of March, may be 54-56 million tonnes, which is 8-10 million up against 2012. This forecast was made public by Director General of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAC) Serhiy Stoyanov at a press conference in Kyiv. Last year, the crop yield made up 46.2 million tonnes against 56.7 million tonnes in 2011.
03.04.2013 Source: UAC / Ukrinform

Ukraine's export potential requires intensive development of grain market infrastructure
Grain harvest in Ukraine in 2015 may reach 60 million tonnes, and the harvest of oil-bearing crops 14 million tonnes, which will significantly increase the export potential of the agricultural sector. At the same time, infrastructure support for the bread market is becoming vital, APK-Inform experts say. "Exports of bulk agricultural products (including grain and oilseed processing products) from Ukraine in 2015 may reach 41.4 million tonnes. However, to ensure effective transportation of these volumes, certified grain storage capacities are required for a total of 45.5 million tonnes, as well as 8.1 thousand specialized road carriers with a capacity of more than 30 tonnes, 11.9 thousand rail carriers, and the possibility of carriage of about 5.6 million tonnes of bulk cargos by rivers to sea ports," experts say.
02.04.2013 Source: APK-Inform

Kazakhstan interested in Ukrainian agricultural technologies
Kazakhstan is interested in taking over Ukrainian agroindustrial technologies. This was stated by First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakitzhan Sagintayev during a meeting in Kyiv on Tuesday with Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. He added that Kazakhstan is set to employ Ukrainian technologies for growing soy, poultry farming, agricultural machinery building, etc.
02.04.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine's agricultural exports in 2012 reached almost USD 18 billion
Ukraine last year delivered to foreign markets livestock products, crops, fats and oils of animal or vegetable origin, as well as ready-made food worth USD 17.9 billion, while imports of goods amounted to USD 7.4 billion. Exports of agricultural products in the first two months of 2013 rose compared to January-February 2012 by 26.3%, up to USD 3 billion, and imports - 31.5%, USD 1.4 billion.
Major importers of Ukrainian agricultural products were the Russian Federation, India and Spain.
28.03.2013 Source: State Statistics Office of Ukraine

Grain logistics modernization planned for 2013-2014
A meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food considered the basic measures provided in the programme aimed at intensifying the development of the economy in 2013-2014 and is directly related to the agricultural sector. In particular, it is about modernization of grain logistics and Ukraine's place in the world grain market, the ministry said in a statement. "To ensure the positive pace in 2013-2014 it is planned to implement large-scale investment projects in livestock, improve the mechanisms of state support to purchase modern domestic agricultural machinery, and increase the area of perennial crops, create raw material zones for the development of production of safe and quality food," said Serhiy Petrenko, Deputy Director of the Department of Economic Development of the Agrarian Market.
Special attention will be paid to the renewal and modernization of the irrigation system in the south of Ukraine, development of agricultural market infrastructure, creating a base of the Agrarian Fund of PJSC "Agrofinfond", construction and reconstruction of bakeries and the reopening of distilleries.
21.03.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Foreign investors interested in Ukrainian farm machinery
The Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine continues to contribute towards the implementation of joint investment projects with the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. "Thus, last week the manufacturing facilities of SE PA Makarov Southern Machine-Building Plant were inspected. In particular, attention was paid to the production of standard series of 70-90 hp, 100-130 hp and 190 hp tractors," the agriculture ministry reported. As noted, a working group examined the issues of implementing investment projects for the production of modern tractors in cooperation with the leading international manufacturers.
18.03.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine world's leader by sunflower oil exports
From the beginning of 2012/2013 marketing year, Ukraine exported sunflower oil for USD 2 billion, having supplied to foreign markets more than 1.7 million tonnes, which is 26% more than in the same period of the previous MY. "In the current marketing year, Ukraine ranks the world's first in terms of trade in sunflower oil. And this is 50% of the global market. That is, it is possible to say that each second liter of sunflower oil sold in the world was produced in Ukraine. Overall, since the beginning of the current MY, Ukraine has put out two million tonnes of this product, and approximately 80% of this amount was sent to foreign markets," minister said. According to Prysiazhniuk, domestic manufacturers are actively expanding the geography of sunflower oil exports. Thus, today's main importing countries are India - 30%, Egypt - 16%, EU - 16-18% and Turkey - 11%. The deliveries of this product to China and Iran are also increasing.
15.03.2013 Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

Ukraine may enter Grain Twenty
Ukraine, together with the world's largest grain-producing countries, may create Grain Twenty.
This was dealt with during the meeting between the Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, Mykola Prysiazhniuk, and Director of the Agribusiness Department of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Gilles Mettetal. "This organization should unite the world's largest grain producers. Ukraine is preparing to join it, too," the ministry says.
In turn, Mettetal expressed support for the initiative the minister of agriculture of France on the establishment of Grain Twenty, a significant place in which may be taken by Ukraine. In addition, during the meeting the sides discussed EBRD's cooperation with Ukraine's agribusiness, and agreed to continue it in grain growing, poultry farming and machine-building.
"I am pleased that all the projects that you support in Ukraine's agricultural sector with lending are successful. And every year the line of agricultural products made by Ukrainian enterprises credited by the Bank is expanding. This is very important," Prysiazhniuk said. He reminded that the total volume of EBRD's investments in the agricultural business in Ukraine is now more than USD 1.5 billion.
15.03.2013 Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

Ukraine can export grain 40% up next marketing year
Next marketing year (July 2013 - June 2014), Ukraine can export approximately 32 million tonnes of grain, which is 40% up against the previous year. This forecast was made public by the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA). “We expect that exports will be 10 million tonnes up against the previous year indexes,” UGA President Volodymyr Klymenko has said.
14.03.2013 Source: UGA / Ukrinform

Government manages to overcome downward trend in meat production
The Cabinet of Ministers managed to overcome a downward trend in meat production in 2012 and Ukrainians started to consume more meat by results of the year, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has said at the government meeting. He added that as of December 2012, cattle stock made up 4.7 million heads and grew by 4.5% against the same period of 2011, pig population grew to 7.5 million heads. The largest growth took place in the poultry industry - by 7.8% t? 206.4 million heads.
13.03.2013 Source: UGA / Ukrinform

Almost all winter crops in good state
According to the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, the state of winter grain crops is estimated as good and satisfactory on 91% of sown areas, weak and spaced - on 8% of the acreage. He added that although spring is not hurrying to the majority of Ukrainian regions, spring field works have already started on the South and in Crimea.
13.03.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Grain exports to South Africa over USD 100 million last year
The share of wheat and corn in total exports of Ukrainian domestic products to the Republic of South Africa increased significantly in 2012. In particular, these crops were delivered to South Africa for USD 100.5 million, with total bilateral trade standing at USD 171.2 million. Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Mykola Prysiazhniuk, stressed that the Ukrainian side is interested in cooperation with the South African Republic. In particular, Ukraine proposes starting the supply of poultry products, vegetable oil and sugar to the South African market. In addition, in the near future it is planned to deepen cooperation in the development of agricultural market infrastructure, poultry farming, the use of advanced technologies for the production of natural fertilizers, as well as industrial education and research.
12.03.2013 Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

Ukraine, Russia may provoke EU's interest as new areas for agricultural production
The development of agriculture can be one of the reasons for stable economic development of the European Union. Ukraine and Russia at the same time may find themselves in a circle of new regions for agricultural production. This opinion was expressed by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso during the 6th European Forum for the Future of Agriculture.
11.03.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine exports over 18.2 million tonnes of grain crops since beginning of 2012/2013 marketing year
Since the beginning of 2012/2013 marketing year, agricultural producers supplied 18.2 million tonnes of grain crops to foreign markets, which is 5 million tonnes up against the same period of the previous MY. In particular, as of March 5, agricultural producers exported 9.7 million tonnes of corn, about 6.2 million tonnes of wheat and 2 million tonnes of barley.
This marketing year, 7.7 million tonnes of grain crops were exported to the European Union countries. In addition, for today, Ukraine is a leader on supply of corn to England.
11.03.2013 Source: Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry

Meat consumption will rise to 55.3 kg per capita in a year
This year, the consumption of meat per capita in Ukraine will be 55.3 kilograms due to better performance in the livestock industry (last year - 54.4 kg), the Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food, Mykola Prysiazhniuk, reported. According to him, the increase in meat consumption will owe to support for the producers who grow livestock and poultry.
04.03.2013 Source: Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry

Farmers expect grain yield of 56 million tonnes
Ukrainian farmers expect to harvest 56 million tonnes of grain in 2013. This forecast was voiced by President of the Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA) Volodymyr Klymenko. According to him, this will make it possible to increase the export of grain from 22 to 30 million tonnes in the next marketing year.
01.03.2013 Source: UGA

Ukraine, France to deepen cooperation in agriculture
Ukraine and France will deepen cooperation in the sphere of land relations, plant growing and veterinary medicine. This issue was discussed on Tuesday at a meeting between Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk and French Ambassador to Ukraine Alain Remy.
"Promising cooperation with France in the agricultural sector is currently a priority for us. Therefore, we will make efforts to ensure that cooperation between our countries is at a high level. French experience in the agricultural sector is valuable to us, because we can use it in Ukraine," Prysiazhniuk said. He also stressed the importance of the French government's decision to create the post of a technical adviser on agriculture at the Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry in order to establish Ukrainian-French relations in the agricultural sector.
Remy, in turn, expressed his interest in continuing effective Ukrainian-French cooperation. He proposed speeding up the work of the Ukrainian-French working group on agriculture as part of the bilateral economic commission. "There are many reasons for France and Ukraine, as the largest agricultural producers in Europe, to intensify bilateral cooperation. For example, among the existing opportunities for cooperation international agricultural exhibitions are a priority," Remy said.
The positive dynamics of trade in agricultural products between Ukraine and France has been preserved in recent years. In 2012 compared with 2011, trade in agricultural products between the two countries grew by USD 167.09 million.
19.02.2013 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Ukraine earns USD 316 million on meat export in 2012
In 2012, Ukraine exported meat and meat products at USD 316 million. Beef export grew by 95% against 2011 and made up 8,996 tonnes. Pork exports made up USD 92.6 million - 20,208 tonnes were supplied. The largest volumes of meat and byproducts of home poultry meat were exported in 2012 - 80,653 tonnes to the amount of USD 145.2 million. Therefore, export volumes of pork and poultry grew by 62%.
18.02.2013 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Agrarian farmers sell over 117,000 tonnes of cattle and poultry in January
In January 2013, Ukrainian agricultural farmers sold 117,300 tonnes of cattle and poultry in live weight, which is 4.3% less against the sale volume in January 2012. According to a statement, last month, the sale volumes of cattle made up 14,400 tonnes, which is 19.6% up against the same results of January 2012. Selling of pigs grew by 8.6% in January 2013 against the same month of the previous year and made up 31,000 tonnes. At the same time, the sale volume of poultry in January 2013 reduced by 12.6% against January 2012 and made up 71,300 tonnes.
15.02.2013 Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine

Ukraine, Hungary to exchange seed grains
Ukraine and Hungary have expressed interest in cooperation in the exchange of seed material and the development of new crop varieties. Ukraine's Agriculture Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk discussed this issue at a meeting with Hungary's Rural Development Minister, Dr. Sandor Fazekas. The meeting covered such promising areas of cooperation between Ukraine and Hungary as export/import of breeding (genetic) resources of meat and milk cattle, sheep, horses, and poultry products. In 2012, trade in agricultural products between Ukraine and Hungary compared to 2011 increased by 25% and amounted to USD 246.3 million. The amount of export of Ukrainian goods increased by 16% to USD 61.4 million.
15.02.2013 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Over UAH 2 billion will be allocated to finance farm machinery leasing
The state budget of Ukraine for 2013 provides UAH 166.8 million to finance technical support for agriculture. The agriculture ministry has proposed increasing this year the funding of state support on financial leasing terms by 830 million UAH, and in 2014 the amount is expected to increase by 1.3 billion UAH. Now the agriculture ministry is working to solve the tasks of creating the production of modern farm machinery by domestic companies with investments. Thus, proposals were included into the program for extending state guarantees in the amount of UAH 1.5 billion in 2013, and UAH 3.5 billion in 2014. Today, the financial leasing mechanism is considered to be a major tool to stimulate technical modernization of Ukraine's agro-industrial complex. However, the state budget for 2013 provides only 166.8 million UAH for promoting the purchase of priority equipment.
14.02.2013 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Farmers waiting for Land Bank opening
This year, the State Land Bank will provide farmers with loans at interest rates two times lower than the current rates of commercial banks. And cooperation of the Land Bank with the EBRD will help attract additional loans for farmers and improve regulation in the turnover of agricultural land. This year, the Land Bank must already begin its work. However, to fulfill its mission as a specialized agency for mortgage crediting, it is necessary to implement another position - to transfer to the bank the agricultural land that would become the capital to provide cheap loans to farmers. Therefore, on January 1, 2013 an inventory of public lands for agricultural purposes began in order to include them into the authorized capital of the State Land Bank.
08.02.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Poultry breeders requesting protection from excessive meat import
To protect national producers at the state level from excessive import of meat, in particular, poultry meat, meat products and to take adequate measures aimed at reduction of import volumes. The association Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine approached Prime Minister Mykola Azarov with this request, as well as Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk and Economic Development and Trade Minister Ihor Prasolov.
07.02.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Farm produce exports may be increased to USD 22 billion
Exports of agricultural products and food this year may increase in cash equivalent to USD 22 billion, Minister of Agrarian Policy Mykola Prysiazhniuk said. In  2012 the export of agricultural products amounted to USD 18.2 billion.
06.02.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine exports 16.25 million tonnes of grain crops
Since the beginning of the current marketing year, Ukraine supplied 16.25 million tonnes of grain crops to foreign markets: 7.95 million tons of corn, 6.04 million tons of wheat and 1.98 million tons of barley. Those volumes comply with agreements, reached by grain traders and the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry. In total, Ukraine is planning to export 23.2 million tonnes of grain this marketing year.
05.02.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine planning to expand supply of agricultural products and food to Iran
Ukraine is planning to expand supply of grain crops, sugar and dairy products, as well as to start export of agricultural equipment and component parts to the market of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk has said about this at a meeting with Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Ukraine Akbar Ghasemi Ali Abadi.
In 2012 export of goods from Ukraine to Iran grew by 3.8% and reached USD 1.17 billion.
04.02.2013 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Ukrainian grain most actively purchased in EU
According to the Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk, Ukraine exports most of all grain crops to the European Union countries. In 2012, 7.7 million tonnes of grain totaling USD 1.9 billion were supplied to the European Union market. Egypt (5.5 million tonnes at USD 1.4 billion) and Saudi Arabia (1.9 million tonnes at USD 509 million) are also leaders by Ukrainian grain import volumes. He stressed that last year became very successful for Ukraine in the sense of its strengthening positions on the foreign markets, thanks to which the state not only ensured its food security, but could receive a status of a reliable partner.
01.02.2013 Source: Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine

Seed Association of Ukraine, ESA, USUBC to hold first international seed conference in Kyiv
The first international conference on prospects for the development of seed industry in Ukraine as part of the integration processes in the world economy will begin in Kyiv on February 27, Executive Director of the Seed Association of Ukraine Valeriy Khadzhimatov said. The conference is organized by the Seed Association of Ukraine, and its partners are the European Seed Association (ESA), the International Seed Federation (ISF) and the US-Ukrainian Business Council (USUBC). The main purpose of the conference is to analyze and define the current state of the investment process in Ukraine, its specificities in the agricultural sector, and suggest the ways to optimize it. "High-quality seeds form the basis of successful cultivation of any crop. Sowing high-quality seeds of powerful manufacturers, it is possible to expect a high yield, and therefore income," Khadzhimatov said.
31.01.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Milk production to grow by 3.2% in 2013
The Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry has forecast that positive trends towards an increase in milk production will be preserved in 2013 and, in particular, the production is expected to grow by 3.2% this year. According to the Director of the ministry's department for cattle breeding, Andriy Hetia, the milk production to reach 11.75 million tonnes, which will ensure milk consumption per capita at a level of 217.3 kg. He also added that imports of dairy products are expected to shrink by almost 21.5%, while exports are expected to grow by 17.4%.
The increase in production will be achieved mainly through the improvement of milk production technologies at agricultural enterprises and an increase in milk yield amid the stabilization of cow numbers. Thanks to government programs milk producers are continuing to implement projects on the construction and reconstruction of dairy farms and complexes. Thus, in 2013, according to data from the regions, it is planned to commission 167 such farms and complexes.
29.01.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine exports 15.5 million tonnes of grain since July 1, 2012
Ukraine exported 15.5 million tonnes of grain from July 1, 2012 (the beginning of the current marketing year). In the same period of the previous marketing year, exports stood at 10.6 million tonnes.
Some 5.96 million tonnes of wheat, 7.32 million tonnes of corn and 1.96 million tonnes of barley have been exported since early July 2012. Since the beginning of January 2013, Ukraine has already exported 1.28 million tonnes of grain, including 144,200 tonnes of wheat, 166,700 tonnes of barley, and 977,400 tonnes of corn.
Ukraine exports grain under contracts with grain traders. At the start of the current season, grain traders and the ministry signed an addition to the memorandum, which established conditions under which the government might limit grain exports and set the maximal amounts of grain exports.
The ministry evaluates the grain export potential for the current marketing year at 23 million tonnes. The State Statistics Service estimated Ukraine's grain harvest in 2012 at about 46.2 million tonnes against a record high of 56.7 million tonnes in 2011.
22.01.2013 Source: Interfax / Ukrainian Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry

EBRD, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, John Deere to share credit risks as part of agricultural machinery lending for $50 million
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) jointly with Raiffeisen Bank Aval (a subsidiary of Austria's Raiffeisen Bank International) and John Deere, a leading global manufacturer of agricultural machinery, have announced the launch of a program to provide small and medium agricultural companies with John Deere agricultural machinery. As part of the program the three parties would undertake credit risks, which will allow small and medium Ukrainian agricultural companies to acquire John Deere machinery, using financing from Raiffeisen Bank Aval and Raiffeisen Leasing Aval. The total financing portfolio will be in the range of $50 million. The minimum annual interest rate in the program in U.S. dollars is 1%, the maximum one - 8.9%, while that in the hryvnia varies from 13.95% to 19.85% (for five years).
16.01.2013 Source: Interfax

Ukraine makes twice as many agricultural products as consumes
Ukrainian farmers produce twice as many agricultural goods as consumed in the domestic market. Over the past year, agricultural exports in monetary terms increased by almost 40% to $17 billion, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Mykola Prysiazhniuk, told a briefing at the Cabinet on Wednesday.
09.01.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry forecasts growth of grain yield 20% in 2013
Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry believes that under favorable weather conditions this year the grain yield may grow by 20%. "Under condition that the weather does not add challenges to us, we expect that the grain crop will exceed the last year yield by 20 percent. Thus, we make a careful forecast regarding wheat, whose gross yield may be 19 million tons,” the Minister said.
He reminded that this marketing year 46.2 million tons of grain was produced, in particular, wheat - 15.5 million tons.
09.01.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Ukrainian premier says agriculture should be industrialized
Ukrainian Premier Mykola Azarov has said that the industrialization of agricultural production should be stirred up. "Serious steps are required in the industrialization of agricultural production. Positive steps in cattle breeding should be not only enhanced, but also it is to be brought to a new level. Grain crops should be planted almost everywhere where there are conditions for the planting and they are to be planted using industrial technologies," he said, opening a cabinet meeting on Thursday. He said that now we should prepare for the spring sowing campaign, which would be not easy.
03.01.2013 Source: Interfax

Dairy farms' output can grow by 10%
Milk production in Ukraine in 2013 may increase by 10%, primarily due to agricultural enterprises. According to the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, in 2012 Ukraine increased milk production to nearly 11.5 million tonnes from 11 million the year before.
02.01.2013 Source: Ukrinform

Agricultural exports in 2012 to grow by over a third
The growth of agricultural exports in Ukraine last year is expected to reach 30.8%, from USD 13 billion to USD 17 billion, Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk has said.
According to the Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry, the Asian countries account for the main share of Ukrainian agricultural exports - about 30%. In addition to Russia, Ukrainian agricultural products are purchased in India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Ukraine is one of the largest exporters of wheat, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, barley, rye and corn. The average annual export of Ukrainian agricultural products in the period from 2007 to 2011 is USD 9.7 billion.
The prospects of the agricultural sector were praised by big business in Ukraine. For example, Dmytro Firtash last year completed the construction of a ten-hectare greenhouse complex worth EUR 150 million. He also started building a soybeans processing plant in Ternopil region, and he also plans to build there an elevator for 200,000 tonnes of grain.
02.01.2013 Source: Ukrinform

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